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Fans Not Happy With Pharrell Williams

Written by Ashley Woods
Photo from
Does Pharrell Williams have his own unique style or are his fashion decisions considered questionable?

The Happy singer has received much backlash from fans about his latest fashion accessory on the special-edition cover of Elle UK’s July issue.

Dressed in a classy, striped-knit sweater, the bohemian inspired outfit is completed by a Native American feather headdress.

The Native American community has blatantly expressed their disapproval of the artist’s fashion choice, taking to social media outlets like Twitter for their rants.

Talia E. Myres tweets: “@Pharrell – I’m a big fan, and I’m a Cherokee citizen. Disappointed to see you in a headdress on the @ELLEmagazine cover 😦 #nothappy

Pharrell has made a public statement apologizing since the Elle issue has been released.

“I respect and honor every kind of race, background and culture. I am genuinely sorry.”

Is Pharrell to blame for this fashion controversy or is it the stylists of the photo shoot? It seems like he is owning up to it based on his apology, but can we expect more fashion mishaps from this risk taking artist in the future?


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